Member’s cars

Here are some great videos of the stories behind the cars we love:

Andy A’s TR4 at the track
Andy at the Track
Tara’s TR3
Taras TR3A
Peter and Mary Jane’s MGTD
Peter and Mary Jane Ward's MGTD
Barb and Chip’s MGTD
Chip and Barb with TD at Parthenon
JD’s Vanden Plas Jag on the Dragon’s Tail
Chip and Ken showing off

Mike’s Riley
Mike's Riley
Ron G’s AH Sprite
Ron Galbraith's Sprite
Ed D’s Jag
Ed Duffy's Jag
Looks like someone is having a WILD time in Greg and Lori C’s Sunbeam
Someone is having a wild time
Dave B’s Sprite
Dave B's Sprite
Avis and David’s Alpine

Glenda and Steve P’s MGB
Glenda and Steve P's MGB
Mike R’s XKE
Mike R's X K E
Rick M’s MGA
Rick M's M G A
Tom M’s XKE
Tom M's E-Type
Bob F’s XKE
Bob F's Jag E-Type
Jim M’s TR3A
Jim M's T R 3 A
Tom B’s Auburn Speedster Replicar
Tom B's Auburn Speedster Replicar
Allen D’s XKE
Allen D's E-Type
Tom P’s MKII Jag
Tom P's Jag Mk II
Brenda and Courtney A’s XJS
Brenda and Courtney A's Jag X J S
Garvin W’s AH Sprite
Garvin W's A H sprite
Carl G’s MGA set up for racing
Carl George's racing MGA
Bob B’s Triumph Spitfire
Bob Bumbalough,s Triumph Spitfire
Michael M’s ’69 E-Type
Michael Mitchell, '69 E-Type
Charlie and Sharon C’s ’59 AH Bugeye Sprite
Charlie and Sharon C's 59 AH Sprite
Russ and Deb Welty’s MG collection
R Welty MG collection
Maggie’s TR6 ‘Pearl’

Paul’s TR3 ‘Gladys’

Clure’s Lotus Elise

Chip and Barb’s Jag

Todd N’s good looking Jag roadster

Todd F’s TR6 – tell your Mom not many antiques fit in that car!

Ken G’s AH 3000 at Henpeck

Steve H and his MGTD

Len and Jill M and their TR6

Tommye W’s ’53 MGTD

Denise A’s Mini

Chip S’s E-Type Jag

Phil and Alix Z’s Lotus Elite out for a ‘spin’ on the Dragon’s Tail

Lew and Lindy’s Lotus Evora 400 on the Dragon’s Tail

Tom’s ’67 E-Type Coupe

Lee P’s Lotus

Miles P’s Mini

Peter B’s Mini Brutus

Joe and Jean V’s Spitfire

Pete and Marie’s 74 1/2 MGB at Netts’s Country Store and Deli

Al G’s S Type

Jim Cee’s 73 MGB

Cherie’s DB7 i6 at the Queen’s Jubilee Luncheon